Israel 2023: Our Year of Chaos, Resistance & Outrage

Israel 2023: Our Year of Chaos, Resistance & Outrage
IPA- International Photography Awards 2023 2nd Place in Editorial / Press/ Political
PX3 - Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2023 Gold Award Winner in Press/ Politics
Tokyo International Foto Awards Bronze Award Winner in Editorial / Press/ Political

Since January 2023, Israel's cabinet, headed by the multiply-indicted Benjamin Netanyahu, has sought control of the Israeli Supreme Court. Members of parliament have proposed legislation which would crush the court as an independent judiciary, and allow Netanyahu to rule unchecked and unbalanced.

These attempts at so-called "judicial reform" have met with public outrage, and every week since their inception has seen multiple massive protests at various sites throughout the country. In this series, I share my view from the ground at several protests, amidst the chaos of a nation on the brink- fearing dictatorship.

All photographs were taken on IPhone 12 Pro.